Friday, April 11, 2008

1269. A marker gage and square for use when cutting weather boards, patent number 1,216,010.

1270. This was used by a farmer to tie corn shocks, similar to the device in patent number 1,235,217.

1271. An animal poke, made to be placed on the neck of a bull or cow so they couldn't reach through or climb over a fence.

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A different version of one was posted here last year.

1272. A banker's check canceling hammer, used to mark checks after they've been cashed.

From Scotty Fulton's collection

1273. An envelope sealing tool, patent number 1,244,054.

1274. A dosimeter, model CD V-742, it was worn in the pocket and used to measure the total dose of moderate and high levels of gamma radiation. As seen at the link, if you look through the lens you will see a scale marked "Roentgens".

1275. A nail holder that was designed to be worn on the chest by a carpenter or roofer, the heads of the nails were put into the slotted holders, patent number 787,217. The tool on the lower left is a nail fork, it's used for raking nails out of a nail bin.

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From Scotty Fulton's collection

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